Ultimate leagues are a competition for Ultimate cars. You need to compete in groups for promotion during a time-limited round. For every victory in fights, you get score points. At the end of the round, top performers get promoted to the next league and low performers get demoted to the previous one.

At the moment there are 7 leagues in the game. The first 6 leagues are available for players, and the 7th is not yet available and is under a lock, as it is in development.

Golden tickets are your entry to the Ultimate league fights. They can be obtained from boxes and purchased for gems and in special offers. Please note that the number of tickets that you can hold at one time is limited and any gained above the limit will simply burn. You can see the limit as the last number, for example, 4/5 means that you have 4 out of 5 allowed tickets. 

Now how to use them: go to your Ultimate garage and tap Join in the Ultimate league tab in the right bottom corner. Each ticket allows you an entry to the series of fights, you get 20 opponents to go through but you have a chance to leave after the end of every fight (with the accumulated score if you won, with an opportunity to save the rating for gems if you lost).