City Kings is the best way to show that your gang is the coolest in the world! Conquer districts and whole cities to gain rewards and respect of the rest of the gangs.
The City Kings is a challenge that requires gang members to roll out their Ultimate cars for an epic stand-off against a rival gang. All gang members that already have Ultimate cars can initiate and join the attack. As soon as 5 gang members sign up for an attack, matchmaking begins and the gang is assigned an opponent gang for a 24-hour long fight. All gang members get a notification about the start of the attack.  
Before joining the attack, players need to assemble 3 Ultimate cars in the separate garage. These can’t be changed once the city is entered. There is no need to assemble the same cars every time as the garage will remember the last builds.  
The city is comprised of districts and districts are comprised of sub-districts, where the gangs fight for dominance. Each sub-district has several buildings with parking lots occupied either by neutral guards or by opponents. Tap the building and choose Attack to see the parking slots and choose one to start a fight.

- If you win, your car will occupy the slot and will guard it. You can’t use it for attack again unless opponents win the parking slot back or gang members swap your car with theirs. This is what the second building option - Defend - is for. When you choose it, you can see all your gang mates’ cars guarding the slots and can replace some of them with your cars.
- If you lose, your car will lose all health points and will need to recover them before it can be used for attack again. You can heal it by using either your free Heal tool (earned by getting trophies in the Uncle Tony’s tools) or by buying one for gems (costing more with each purchase, starting from 50 and ending at 1000 gems).
Uncle Tony has one more useful tool especially for the city fights. It is the Scout that can expose all cars in the building for a limited amount of time, to help gang members pick their opponents wisely.
When a gang wins over 50% of the parking slots in the building, it starts getting points. The number of points that can be earned from the building is displayed next to it and its color shows who has the most places (blue for your gang and red for the opponent). Points are not added immediately, but after a cycle, so you need to hold onto these parking places to keep getting more points. In every sub-district, there are two buildings with the same name that will bring double points if conquered by the same gang. The gang that has scored the most points by the end of the attack is declared a winner. It is also possible to secure a faster victory by gaining the maximum points.
Players can use the gang chat and personal notifications to gain information about the status of their cars and the occupied buildings and to agree on the course of actions necessary for winning.
If the gang wins, each gang member that has participated gets an Ultimate toolbox. Completing a district is additionally rewarded with an Ultimate part. Each district can only be rewarded once in each city, and completing the same district again in another gang will not be rewarded with a part again.
The gangs that complete all 10 districts of the city gain a special city costume. When the fights for the city are officially over, the gangs that have the most points in the Best gangs leaderboard get additional prizes and special city avatars to proudly show off.
Matchmaking in the city is made by a variety of parameters that include but are not limited to progress, strength, number of members and activity. Matchmaking strives to provide the most suitable opponents available at the time of the attack and does not guarantee an equal opponent each time.