There are 2 new sets in the game: the Sputnik and the Stove.

The Lunokhod X has a new body, a brand new weapons Rotating hyperboloid G-27 and a Rotating mega drill G-19 which can be rotated to a certain angle during installation, and also new wheels Anti-gravity scooter X-19 and Anti-gravity scooter X-70 which allow a machine to fly.

The Stove has a new body, a weapons called Hearth and Bearfall and a Flue gadget. At the beginning of a battle the Stove starts to heat up a body. A scorching aura appears and starts to grow and deals damage for opponent. Bearfall drops bears on an enemy machine. The Flue generates a smoke cloud that, if touched, disables an enemy machine for some time. The cloud bounces off of walls.

These sets can be obtained by capturing districts in City Kings.