After the maintenance period is over, you'll see a pop-up requesting that you update the game to continue playing. Please press the "Update" button and you'll be taken to the store where you can update C.A.T.S. to the latest version.

If you don't see an "Update" button on the game's page inside the store, please try the following:

1. Wait a little bit. The update itself is a complicated process that depends on the performance of the store's servers. Sometimes it takes a little longer to receive a new version.

2. Check the list of available app updates in your store for the latest version. In GooglePlay, tap on three horizontal lines in the left corner of the screen > My Apps and Games and select the Update tab. Sometimes, the update is hiding in there.

3. Close the game app completely, open the store app, and try to find C.A.T.S. manually. Most of the time, this should mean you'll now be able to see the "Update" button there.

4. As corny as it may sound, try to restart your device and repeat steps 2 and 3.

5. Your device might be overwhelmed by temporary data, so we recommend clearing your store app's cache if all previous steps still haven't helped. In Google Play, go to your device Settings > Apps > Google Play > Storage and tap on Clear Cache button.