All-Stars Event is a time-limited competition among all the players who have reached Ultimate Leagues to see who has whatever it takes to become a real Star and to win amazing rewards.

We are opening the season with the Wool Challenge: a super crazy series of fights against other machines under the effects of two modifications that change the rules of the fight every 4 encounters. Knowing the modifiers and understanding their effect on your cars, analyzing your opponents and choosing your cars wisely are the keys to success in this challenge. This ball of wool ain't for kittens afraid of challenges!

Who can participate?

Everyone above level 5 that has unlocked the Ultimate Parts can participate in the event.

How are the leaderboards created?

Players are grouped into smaller buckets of peers. Players with similar performance in the Ultimate Leagues will be matched but their prestige or normal progression won't be taken into account.

How do the leaderboards work?

The leaderboards are the same for everybody participating in the event: players are sorted by the number of fans (points) they collect during the event. The higher the number of fans a player has, the higher is his or her position in the leaderboard.

What will you need to participate?

In order to be able to participate in this event, you need batteries. Batteries are a new consumable resource, like tickets, that is active only during the All-Stars. But unlike tickets, batteries can be recharged with time or purchased in the shop while the event is running. As soon as the event is finished, the unused batteries are lost.

Batteries are used to pay the entry fee for the event. There are three types of access:

Regular access

Regular access is the cheapest one and will grant a normal amount of points.

VIP access

VIP access costs more but the potential amount of fans watching it is much bigger. What can we say: big audiences love daredevil pilots.

Sponsored VIP access

Sponsored VIP access has a limited access but a great gain: in exchange for an ad, you get one VIP access.

What about fans?

Fans are earned for every enemy defeated inside the event. Different enemies provide a different amount of fans. The number of fans they provide in case of the victory can be seen before the fight right next to their vehicle.

But fans are capricious: in order to keep them and add them to your leaderboard score, you must leave the series of fight undefeated (by quitting before a fight or by reaching the end of the 20 series of fights). If you lose one fight, you will lose your fans pot, unless you pay some gems to Uncle Tony to convince them to stay with you ;)  

VIP accesses grant multipliers on the fans that you earn in every fight of the series. In addition to that, bigger amounts of fans could be found in the higher positions, where the combats are tougher. But don't forget that easy comes easy goes. You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em and know when to walk away.

What about modifiers?

Modifiers are the main attraction of the Wool Challenge: they change the environment or the situation of the fight, forcing the players to adapt and reevaluate their strategies in every combat.

Every fight of the event is under the effect of two randomly assigned different modifiers. They are randomly assigned for a maximum of 4 fights. After that, they are automatically re-rolled.

You can push for a manual re-roll at any moment you want before the fight, but it will cost some gems to bribe the referees in order to allow that. Manual re-roll also provides random results.
Some combinations can be really useful against certain kind of machines, but this works both ways, so you need to carry with you the widest variety of strategies available.

These are the modifiers:

  1. Hill: There’s a hill in the center of the arena
  2. Pit: There’s a pit in the center of the arena
  3. Bumps: Bumps appear on the ground
  4. Low gravity: Machines jump and fly much easier than usual
  5. Zero gravity: Machines float up in the air with minimum effort
  6. No walls: The arena has no walls
  7. Burning walls: The walls are burning and deal damage when touched
  8. Burning ground: The ground is burning and deals damage when touched
  9. Increased damage: Parts from one specific rarity get affected, increasing their damage up to +90%
  10. Decreased damage: Parts from one specific rarity get affected, decreasing their damage up to -90%
  11. Increased health: Parts from one specific rarity get affected, increasing up to +90% of their health
  12. Decreased health: Parts from one specific rarity get affected, decreasing up to -90% of their health


Besides the rewards that are given for ending up in a specific segment of the leaderboard when the event finishes, you earn Ultimate Currency after every victory you have in the event. This reward cannot be lost like the fans if you lose a fight in a series.