There are three main ways to unlock new heroes in the game:

- Win and open chests. Only Free and Participant's chests do not contain new heroes.
- Check the store. Some special offers may also contain new fighters. In the Hero chest, the loot is the most generous!
- You can unlock some heroes for promotion in Hero Championship. If the hero is already unlocked, you'll get some cards to upgrade them.

To upgrade the heroes, you can:

- Increase their level. To do this, open your hero's profile, make sure you have enough coins, and tap on the "Train" button.

- Raise the Tier of heroes. The Tier opens new levels of the hero and increases their strength. There are 9 tiers in the game: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, Supreme, Ultimate, Celestial and Stellar. To increase the tier, you will need gold and sufficient number of Hero cards that drop from the chests.

- Activate and improve abilities. Abilities become available on the Rare tier, you will need batteries to improve them.