There are three main ways to unlock new heroes in the game:

  • Win and open chests. Only Free and Participant's chests do not contain new heroes. 
  • Check the store. Some special offers may also contain new fighters. There are higher chances to get a new hero from the Hero's chest!
  • You can unlock new heroes for passing certaing leagues of the Hero Championship. If the hero is already unlocked, you'll get some Joker cards to upgrade them.
  • The easiest way of getting new heroes is purchasing the Star Pass.

To upgrade the heroes, you can:

  • Increase their level. To do this, open your hero's profile, make sure you have enough coins, and tap on the "Train" button.

  • Raise the Tier of heroes. The Tier opens new levels of the hero and increases their strength. There are 11 tiers in the game: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, Supreme, Ultimate, Celestial, Stellar, Immortal and Divine. To increase the tier, you will need gold and sufficient number of Joker cards that drop from the chests.

  • Activate and improve abilities. Abilities become available on the Rare tier, you will need batteries to improve them.
  • You can also temporarily boost your hero's rank, level and abilities by purchasing the Gifts of Technology subscription and motivating your hero. Please note, that the subscription can be purchased separately from the Star Pass.