Chests provide you with everything you need to upgrade your heroes, drones, and all sorts of resources. They can contain hero cards, gold, bucks, batteries, gear, etc. Also, a new hero may drop out of the chest with a small chance.

There are currently 11 types of chests in Bullet Echo:

  1.  Free Chest and Chill Pack (available in the store for viewing ads);
  2.  Battle Chest (free for every three wins in any game mode, can also be purchased in the Store);
  3.  Skull Chest (you must kill your opponents in battles to open it);
  4.  Gears (regular, weapon and personal) Chest (can be obtained by reaching a certain mark on the progress bar of the Bravery Road, bought for cryptochips on the Black Market, for matches during Sabotage);
  5.  Drone Asset Chest (can be purchased for cryptocips on the Black Market and in the Store)
  6.  Map Chest (can be bought in the Store)
  7.  Champion Chest (1st place in the League);
  8.  Winner's Chest (2nd-5th place in the League);
  9.  Participant Chest (6th-20th place in the League);
  10.  Skins Chest;
  11.  Big Chest.