Chests provide you with everything you need to upgrade your heroes. They may contain hero cards, gold, bucks, batteries, gear and some other resources. Also, a new hero can drop out of the chest with a small chance.

There are currently 12 types of chests in Bullet Echo:

- Sponsor Chest (available in the Store for watching ads);
- Card Chest (can be bought in the Store for bucks);
- Battle Chest (free for every three wins in any game mode, can also be bought in the Store);
- Champion Chest (1st place in the League);
- Winner's Chest (2nd-5th place in the League);
- Participant's Chest (6th-20th place in the League);
- Mission Chests (completing missions);
- Super Chest (can be obtained after earning 7 mission points);
- Skull Chest (you need to kill your opponents in battles to open it);
- Skins Chest (can be obtained in the Special Operation);
- Gears Chest (can be obtained for reaching a certain mark on the progress bar in the Special Operation);
- Big Chest (can also be obtained in the Special Operation).