The Championship is a competitive mode which consists of 20 leagues.

The goal is to move from one league to another until you reach the last league and win the Championship. When you reach certain leagues in the game, you will unlock heroes and new game modes.

One Championship round lasts 48 hours. At the end of the round, top players from the group move into the next league. The exact number of people depends on the group's actual size. For example, if the group is full and there are enough players, top 3 move into the next league.

To get to the first places, you need to win battles and earn badges. The number of badges per battle depends on how well you fought.
It is also possible to promote instantly to the next league if you make a win streak. The number of battles you need to win in a row depends on which league you are in. The higher the league, the greater will be a win streak for an instant promotion.
Please note that the win streak is reset when moving to a new League and at the end of the Championship round.