During the game, you will come across equipment icons scattered across the map. These are items and upgrades that help you in battle!



Your hero collects items automatically. The collection time is 2 seconds.

Tap the item if you want to highlight it for your allies. Highlighted items stay visible for 15 seconds.


- First Aid Kit. +1 opportunity to restore the hero's health.

- Ammo. Well, you need it to shoot! The number of ammo on the icon reflects how much ammo you pick up. If the icon shows 2 rounds, this equals 1 magazine, 3 rounds = 2 magazines, and 4 rounds = 3 magazines.

- Armor. Increases the protection of your hero by a certain value.

- Ability charge. +1 charge to use your hero's abilities.



Upgrades affect the stats of your hero. Collected upgrades are shown in the upper right corner.

You can encounter upgrades divided into three types based on power. Green is 60% of normal power, blue is 95% of normal power, and purple is 120% of normal power. The higher rarity of upgrades will give you a greater bonus in battle. 

Collecting an upgrade of a higher rarity will automatically reset the upgrade of a lower rarity so that other players can collect it. 



- Fore Grip: Improves the hip shot accuracy and aiming accuracy.

- Visor. Increases the sight distance.

- Suppressor. Decreases the shot noise.

- Scope. Increases aiming accuracy and aiming distance.

- Advanced magazine. Improves reload speed and magazine size.

- Reinforced armor. Increases armor capacity.

- Explosive ammo. Increases damage and armor piercing.



In battles, you can discover and open crates containing a variety of combat items such as upgrades, ammo, first aid kits, ability charges, or armor. 

Crates come in three rarities: Green for Green upgrades, Blue for Blue upgrades, and Purple for Purple upgrades. 


Each crate has a specific opening time, lower rarity crates opening faster. Certain equipment types can also accelerate the crate opening process.

Crates only spawn for players with 500+ Trophies.