Battles in the game take place on maps that are randomly selected at the start of each fight.

In the Battle Royale mode, before starting a battle, you can select a zone on the map where your team will land. At this starting point, your mission will begin. Be careful! As long as you have no ammunition, your hero is quite weak and can be attacked by an enemy team. The safest way is to collect upgrades and ammo in the starting zone, because here your teammates can cover you.

If you study the location of the obstacles on the map (walls, boxes, cars) in advance, you will be able to use this knowledge as a tactical advantage in battle. Keep in mind that only heroes with small body models, for example, scouts, can crawl through narrow openings in the wall.

It is better to avoid open areas, because you can easily become the prey of snipers. Look around for a wall that will hide you from unwanted looks and provide security for the blind zone.