There are four modes in the game:

1. Battle Royale is a competition between teams of three members. Five teams participate in each battle, the team whose player dies/remains alive last wins.

2. King of the Hill is a single-player mode. A harsh battle where there is no room for friendship. Again, the hero who managed to live the longest, wins. The mode becomes available on the second stage of the first league.

3. Squad VS Squad — this mode is available from the third stage of the first league, and these are one the most large-scale battles in the game. You have to become a participant in a bloody clash between two teams of 5 members. Be careful, the mode is available only for 30 minutes 3 times a day, and it is very important not to miss the moment!

4. Sabotage. In this intense mode, a team of 5 people will take on the role of attackers or defenders (determined randomly before the game starts). To win, the attackers need to plant and protect the bomb until the end of the timer, or kill all the defenders. Defenders need to prevent the planting of the bomb, or defuse it before the explosion.

Please note that the hero needs to be changed for each round.

5. Mimic Mode. In this single-player mode, you need to collect three different special items and evacuate from the contagion zone as fast as possible.If you were killed in this mode, you don't lose immediately but become a mimic.  Please note that you can't win in this mode as a mimic. If you become one, you should find and kill one of the left alive heroes to become one of them. After that, you'll be able to continue gathering items for evacuation.