Thanks to breakthroughs in cybernetics, computers and bio engineering technologies, factions (not governments) gained enough influence to fight for dominance in the world. All this opened up new possibilities for people - high-tech implants, genome modification, energy shields, as well as x-ray vision, ultra-short spatial jumps, short-term invisibility, and other abilities.

You are the "pilots" of Echo, high-tech clones of the best fighters of each of the factions. You share the winner's glory with organizations, and they share their supreme killing machines with you. Fair deal, right?

Renegades is an influential anarchist soldier of fortune organization that carries out contract assignments, both openly and incognito. They maintain the status quo, benefiting from endless conflict, and redistribution of zones of influence. This organization is the shelter for renegades from other factions who have successfully proven their loyalty to their new home. Members: Arnie, Ghost, Mirage, Dragoon, Leviathan, Stalker.

Force & Arms are a mysterious bunch. Even I don't know much about this faction. Each of the fighters took an oath to remain silent about the real goals and ambitions of the organization. Those soldiers who left Force & Arms and joined Renegades consider the sounds of exploding shells and the whistle of bullets the most productive communication. Rumour is the faction is an old cult that was once created by the foundation of the united armies of crumbling countries. The head of it is the irreplaceable dictator Green Raven, who personally trains the key fighters of the faction. They became successful thanks to unreal tactical insight, combat skills, military discipline, and supernatural abilities. Members: Raven, Cyclops, Slayer, Bertha, Levi.

P.Y.R.O. - armed people's groups, not too coordinated, but also numerous to be ignored. They do not favor any of the formed fractions, because they do not accept the ideas of technocracy and dictatorship for the old order of things. Free street fighters, saboteurs, and stalkers - they are armed with captured weapons, but sometimes they receive financial support, the sources of which are unknown. Members: Sparkle, Freddie, Firefly, Smog, Doc.

Skytech Megacorp are not famous for their military operations, but for the monopoly over high-end technology and being the genius of cybernetics and artificial intelligence. They were the first to implement the Echo technology successfully. It was this discovery that made them monopolists.
They also have high-tech gadgets and smart weapons. The faction is managed by a mysterious board of directors with unknown stakeholders. Although, according to justified rumors, control over the corporation has been led by artificial intelligence for a long time. Members: Hurricane, Angel, Blot, Bastion, Satoshi.