Gear is what allows your heroes to improve their characteristics.

In the hero's menu, you can find 6 slots for gear, in each slot you can put 1 piece of gear. In addition to individual pieces of gear, there are also sets that provide additional bonuses.

The more pieces of gear from a certain set are installed, the better the bonuses received from them. You can find more detailed information by pressing the i button on the set.

The same pieces of gear can be used simultaneously for several heroes, with the exception of special sets, which can only be used by certain heroes.

How to upgrade your gear:

Just like the heroes themselves, gear also has different tiers: from common to stellar. Each new tier unlocks additional bonuses.

To increase the tier of gear, you need to upgrade it using gear copies and nuts. The higher the tier of the gear, the better its characteristics.

Please note that you can use all the bonuses that the gear gives you only if the tier of the hero is the same as the tier of the gear, or higher.

Combine different pieces of gear to find your perfect set!