Gear allows your heroes to improve their characteristics. In the Hero menu, you will find 6 slots for gear, and in each of these slots you will be able to place 1 piece of gear. Each of these slots has 5 pieces of common gear for any class and 1 piece of gear from a class-specific gear set.

  • Common gears: 







  • Gear Sets: 

In addition to individual gears, there are also sets of gears that give additional bonuses. The more gears from a particular set you install, the better bonuses you get. Using 2, 4, or 6 pieces of gear from a set will give the character 1, 2, or 4 additional effects, respectively. These effects vary from set to set.

The same gears can be used by multiple heroes at the same time. However, personal gears can only be used by specific heroes.

Click the 'i' button on the set for more information.

  • Personal gears:

Each Hero also has a special set of gears available to him/her, which provides additional bonuses to the abilities of that particular Hero.

  • Squad gears:

Squad gear differs from common gear in that it affects the entire team (for example, it increases the Health of you and your rallies within a certain radius).  

How to upgrade your gear:

As well as the heroes themselves, the gear has different levels: from common to star. Each level unlocks additional bonuses.

In order to increase the level of your gear, you will need to upgrade it using gear copies and nuts. The higher the gear level, the better its characteristics. 

Please note that you will only be able to use all of the bonuses that the gear gives you if the level of the hero is the same or higher than the level of the gear.

Combine different gears to find your perfect set!