Matchboxes and explosive boxes

Matchboxes are a currency received for winning Sabotage. You can exchange matchboxes for various offers and explosive boxes in the Store in the "Sabotage" tab.

At the start of the Sabotage, you can select the difficulty (total cost) of all the explosive boxes in the current Sabotage. Their number is always the same, but the more expensive they are, the more valuable their contents. The boxes are not all available at once - you need to open them one by one.

Be smart about choosing the difficulty level because it will be impossible to change it! Choosing a "travel" difficulty may be a clever decision if you are unsure how many matchboxes you'll get.


You can increase the number of matchboxes you receive by purchasing a booster pack in the Store. Please note that boosters do not stack but replace each other (For example, if you already have a +100% booster and buy +200%, these boosters will not sum up, and you will only have a +200% bonus). 

In addition, boosters are only valid during the iteration of the Sabotage in which they were purchased, so you will need to buy a new one in the next Sabotage.


Don't forget to spend your matchboxes!

Soon after the Sabotage ends, the matchboxes burn out. The remaining time is indicated on the timer next to the matchboxes.

Good luck sabotaging!