Contracts are sets of tasks, by completing which you can earn points and compete for the top executor reward.

Contracts vary in duration and tasks they include. In the Contracts tab you can see 5 sections: 3-hour, 8-hour, 21-hour, 2-day, and 1-week contracts, respectively. Each contract has its own tasks. You can see the list of tasks for a specific contract and the number of points that are given for their completion by tapping the i button next to the contract name.

Contracts last for the allotted amount of time, after which they are restarted. By completing contract tasks and earning points, you fill the progress bar and get chests containing coins, crypto chips and other useful resources. The reward you get for completing tasks depends on your league. However, please note that your Championship rank isn't connected to Contracts and doesn't influence your progress there.

After each fight, you can see your contract progress and how many points you received. You can increase the number of points you get by purchasing the Contracts booster, which will allow you to earn several times more points and progress faster.

After you have collected the maximum number of points on the contract progress bar, you begin to compete for the title of the best executor and for a special reward.

Top players and 5% and 10% of top executors receive special rewards. At the end of the contract, you will see a window showing the result and you will be able to collect the earned reward.

One contract cycle lasts 28 days, after which they are completely closed and you will have another day to spend crypto chips you earned. Please note that at the start of each new season of contracts, the crypto chips will change, so it is important to spend them in the allotted time, after which they will disappear.