The Syndicate is a community of players who have come together to help each other on the battlefield, because the better your teamwork is, the higher your chance to survive.

In the beginning, the Syndicate can only consist of 20 members, but the capacity can be increased to 36 by increasing the level of the Syndicate. Leveling up also provides energy that will be useful to your Drones (see Syndicate and Drones). How to level up? Play with your syndicate mates and purchase Syndicate XP, that will be enough.

You can join an existing Syndicate for free, or you can create your own, but you will need some bucks for this.

Please note that Syndicate leaders may lose their leadership status if they are inactive in the game for more than 20 days. In this case, leadership will go to the most active member of the Syndicate.

Each syndicate is assigned a unique name. Moreover, you can also select a Syndicate’s type (open or closed) and set trophy requirements. All members of the Syndicate can communicate via a special chat, which becomes available to them immediately after joining.

If you decide to leave the Syndicate or were excluded from it, then you will have to wait for a while before you can join another one. However, you can create a new Syndicate whenever you want to.

IMPORTANT: after leaving the Syndicate, you will lose all the Syndicate Credits that you earned by hard work!