The Workout is a daily activity where the entire Syndicate joins forces to obtain rewards.

By playing in any mode you can receive Fame points. They are rewarded for kills, revives, and victories. The number of points earned determines how many rewards your Syndicate can collect in a day, as well as the place of the Syndicate on the leaderboard (see Syndicate and Seasons). You can earn more Fame if you play with your Syndicate’s members. The Fame is not possible to purchase, the result depends only on the activity of the members.

The number of points that one member can earn for the Workout is limited. Everyone who scored the maximum number of points will receive a personal reward. After reaching the maximum, you can continue to earn Fame, but these points will only be taken into account in the Syndicates' leaderboard.

When the Syndicate jointly accumulates enough Fame to receive a common reward, any member of the syndicate can collect it for free. Of course, except for those who have not earned a single point for their Syndicate during the day.