The Drone is there to help you in the face of adversity and is always by your side. It looks like a satellite next to your hero.


Drone type (civil or military) is permanent and cannot be changed.

Each Drone can be linked to a specific hero - one Drone per hero. In the drone menu, you can link it to the hero that is currently equipped. You can also link the Drone to the current hero on the main screen by clicking the plus sign to the right.

Drones are locked by default, and you need blueprints to unlock them. You start collecting different blueprints while the drones are still locked. Each Drone has its own set of blueprints. The crafting option becomes available when you have enough blueprints for a drone. When you craft a drone, the blueprints you use are burned, leaving you with the remaining blueprints.

Blueprints are obtained from the Drone Asset chest, which can be gained from events, the Black Market, or bought in the Store.

Upgrading your Drone affects:

  • Drone characteristics
  • Unlocking new modules
  • Unlocking new module levels