Xsolla: Your Premier Choice for Gaming Transactions

Robust Security: Transactions via Xsolla are fortified with top-tier security, ensuring your data's safety. Discover more about Xsolla's comprehensive protection on their official site.

Global Accessibility: Xsolla's platform is accessible in most countries, making it an ideal choice for gamers worldwide.

Additional Benefits of Using Xsolla: In addition to robust security measures, Xsolla offers an intuitive interface, quick transaction processing, and dedicated customer support to enhance your purchasing experience.

Simple steps to buy bucks:

  1. Visit Our Shop: Navigate to Bullet Echo Shop.
  2. Personalized Offers: Enter your in-game ID (found in game settings) to see tailored offers.
  3. Select and Pay: Choose your desired pack or offer, verify details, and complete the payment.
  4. Check Delivery: Your purchase should appear in-game, typically within minutes, though it may take up to 30 minutes on rare occasions.


App Store Payment Methods

Setting Up Payment: Ensure you have an Apple ID and a compatible payment method. Payment options vary by region; see Apple Support for details.

Updating Payment Information: If facing issues, update or add new payment methods here. Contact your financial institution for further assistance.



Google Play Payment Methods

Google Account Payments: Purchase on Google Play using methods linked to your Google Account. Available options differ by country, as explained here.

Managing Google Play Payments: For adding, editing, or removing payment methods, refer to Google Support.