Tess has a record number of Skytech modifications and is in a league of her own compared to the rest of the faction members. The corporation has invested unimaginable amounts of funds in her modifications. A flash of lightning and a pink gleam are the last things enemies will see. What a stunning beauty! ⚡

▫️ Fraction: SkyTech

▫️ Class: Stormtrooper

▫️ Weapon: Tesla Rifle




Forget the regular bullets! Tess has something much more interesting in her arsenal: in this update, you will have a chance to try out an ultra-advanced Tesla rifle that shoots pure energy!


This medium range weapon hits the enemy with an energy charge. The charge, in turn, jumps to opponents close to the primary target and links them into one big electrical circuit, thereby dealing damage to several enemies at once. The damage to secondary targets in the chain is lower. In order to deal significant damage (and significantly turn up the heat of the battle :) ), hold the charge as long as possible.


Approaching an enemy equipped with a Tesla gun is a dangerous idea. If Tess notices you, your only chance to escape is to move away from allies fast and hide behind something, since Tesla rifle charge can not penetrate shields, walls, and stationary objects.




-Lightning Ball-


Tess’ active ability, Lightning Ball, forms a huge ball of electricity that passes through obstacles and walls, which can be used to effectively control the map and the movement of your opponents. We believe that this ability can be used in multiple ways, both offensively and defensively. 


The main effect of this ability is that no one within the area of effect of a Lightning Ball can use their active abilities. Yes, not even your allies! However, in this case allies and Tess herself receive additional protection. But be careful – when two Lightning balls collide, they explode, erasing all ability charges and causing double damage to everyone nearby. Boom!


-Perfect Capacitor-

Perfect Capacitor ability increases the maximum number of targets in Tesla rifle’s electrical circuit. It also increases damage to secondary targets in a circuit and increases the fire spread of enemies when they are hit.


-Lightning rod-

Lightning Rod team ability reduces opponents' fire rate and increases the fire rate of your allies while they are within the Lightning Ball range. Also, Lightning Rod will reduce armor-piercing of opponents’ weapons for a certain time when you kill an enemy.


How to play as Tess:


Tess is great in team fights, both as a support and as a group leader. Bastion, Firefly, Dragoon, Arnie. Honestly, almost all the heroes will be really comfortable in a team with Tess.


Tesla rifle and her Perfect Capacitor ability will limit the movement of sneaky enemies. It is really hard for an enemy attacked with an energy charge to dodge you or escape. Damage dealt increases with every passing second, so time is on your side. Tesla rifle is ideal for situations when enemies gang up and keep too close to each other – an entire squad can be destroyed in a matter of seconds. 

Stalker and Ghost better stay away from the Lightning Ball since heroes with invisibility can be easily revealed when their abilities are switched off. An accidental jump of Tesla rifle’s charge may also expose lurking heroes. A shock from the SkyTech girl is in no way a pleasant surprise!


When in a team with Tess, you will find it easy to initiate attacks at the very beginning of the battle: a Lightning Ball released into the zone where you believe enemies might be camping will block their abilities and allow your allies to carry out the final finishing maneuver.