Technology surrounds us everywhere and makes our lives easier – it's impossible to argue with that. Gifts of Technology is a subscription that opens up access to multiple in-game benefits. You can choose different plans: weekly or monthly. You will get the same benefits no matter what plan you choose.



After activating a subscription, you will be gaining 10 technology tokens every day. You can find them in free claimable chests. They can be spent on certain items in the Technology tab of the in-game store. Offers for tokens contain motivation for different heroes, personal gears, resources for drones and many more useful resources. Another advantage of the Gifts of Technology is getting a random hero motivated for 7 days every week. To remind you: motivated heroes acquire the same rank as the highest-level hero in your arsenal for a limited time (except for Divine rank). After gaining the highest rank, the hero also increases their level and abilities, plus they can use previously unavailable gear.

All players with Subscription can test their luck in Technology Roulette. There you can increase chances of getting better rewards by additionally spending some gold. All lots of the Roulette can be collected endlessly, so there is another opportunity to earn useful resources ;)



Another exclusive feature of the subscription is that the Gifts of Technology will also provide you with a 20% Festival Booster for the current festival’s special currency. It can be combined with a separately purchased Festival Booster.

To top everything up, all subscribers of Gifts of Technology have a special standing out effect for their nicknames.



You can purchase the subscription in the game store. If you decide to disable it later, you can click on Unsubscribe button in the game Store that will lead you to the corresponding page either on Google Play account or Apple ID settings. There you can cancel the subscription. Please note that the subscription will be active on your account until the paid time ends, but the subscription won’t be renewed.