Shenji is armed with a shotgun loaded with incendiary rounds. Each shot creates four lines of fire that remain on the surface for some time and deal damage to anyone who steps on them. Ignition lines’ damage has an accumulating effect: the longer heroes stay on the line, the more damage they receive.

Ability – Fire Hunter

Shenji launches the Fire Hunter – a device that creates an Ignition Zone after some time after launch or upon contact with another hero. This Zone grows over time.  Zone damage is divided into main and additional, and every second the main damage increases by the value of the additional damage. Incendiary Zone also deals additional damage to armor and slows down everyone inside it.

Additional facts

Ignition lines and Ignition Zone have an armor damage modifier.

  • Shenji has some immunity against Ignition lines (-35%) and the Ignition Zone (-20%).

  • There’s a limit on the number of Ignition lines from one hero that can exist at the same time – currently, the limit is 6 lines.