Alice is a hero with an SMG - her weapon may not be as accurate as everyone else's, but her agility makes her a formidable opponent!

There is no reliable information about Alice's past. All that's known is that a few years ago, she was found by the Renegade scout corps during one of their raids on Skytech laboratories. Scared and exhausted, she had literally shrunk into a pit, where the light from the searchlights of the laboratory watchtowers couldn't reach. According to the commander of the squad that found her, Alice was already trying to hide her portal gun from them, suggesting that she probably stole it from Skytech territory. By the way, Alice values her weapon very much and considers it an extension of her own body.

Faction: Renegades

Class: Scout

Weapon: Submachine gun



Portal Gun

After joining the Renegades, Alice quickly proved herself to be an excellent fighter and a first-class scout in her initial operations — all thanks to her experimental weapon, the portal gun.

The portal gun is a two-phase weapon that shoots special ammo, referred to as "darts." Pressing the ability button for the first time releases the first dart, which sticks to a stable and stationary surface, but remains inactive. Pressing it again releases a second dart, which, upon hitting anywhere else, activates the portal, creating a portal gate. Through this, Alice and any other heroes can move freely.

Research conducted by the Renegades shows that grenades, rockets, and even Shengi hunters can also pass through the portal gates. However, attempts to shoot at the gate won’t be successful — bullets won't pass through it.

In addition, darts fired at the same place will open a portal tunnel through an obstacle and create an energy emission at the exit, which slows down the speed of movement and shooting of all heroes within its radius.

But be careful — your dart can be destroyed by another hero's dart or Tess's ball lightning!

Don't think that Alice is a strong hero just because of her portal gun! She also has other abilities in her arsenal.

All of the characters were originally simple people, with their own characteristics and interests. And Alice is no exception — her love of music has grown into an effective stimulant on the battlefield. This talent gives up to +30% damage to the main weapon and up to +25% to maximum health. And when Alice exits the portal, she moves up to 40% faster and takes up to 30% less damage.
A melody without a rhythm is just a set of notes, so Alice has another talent helping her on the battlefield. Thanks to the Rhythm talent, nearby allies recharge up to 30% faster, deal up to 20% more damage, and can move up to 50% more quietly. When hit by an enemy, Alice and her allies will have their health restored.