Ramsay is armed with a heavy machine gun equipped with an overheating system. The machine gun boasts an unlimited magazine, eliminating the need for in-battle reloading. However, prolonged firing affects Ramsay's weapon performance and can lead to painful consequences!

The machine gun features three overheating sectors. In the first sector, the weapon fires as usual. As overheating progresses to the second sector, the machine gun starts firing faster and deals increased damage. But, upon reaching the third, red sector, the weapon becomes so hot that it damages Ramsay himself, with shooting accuracy taking a significant hit!

How to cool down the weapon? If Ramsay ceases to fire, the machine gun will gradually cool down on its own. For emergency and rapid temperature reduction, Ramsay can use forced cooling, which replaces the reload button.

Class Tank
Faction P.Y.R.O

Weapon machine gun with an overheating system

Ability - Rampage
Ramsay will never forget his glory days in wrestling, where he tossed his opponents around like bowling pins. Since then, the number of his defeated foes and the count of implants in his body has increased. But just as in the ring, on the battlefield, he is ready to unleash his fury using his signature moves!

Upon activating the "Rampage" ability, Ramsay engages an energy barrier and enters a state of rage! In this state, he can't stand still and rushes forward at high speed in search of a victim! When he collides with an opponent, the hero knocks them back and stuns them momentarily.

However, Ramsay has vulnerabilities! If the energy barrier drops or if he crashes into a Force Field, it will halt his furious charge!