Fighters, new drones are here!

Let's dive into what's new:

Drones invasion!

Technological progress never stands still. Now, the ability to collect and use drones is no longer limited to syndicate members. The blueprints for these new drones have successfully passed all field tests and are now available for assembly.

The old comrade-in-arms Z1 deservedly goes to the Bullet Echo Museum, and all its owners will receive compensation for the glorious battle that they went through with him!

Let's welcome our new combat companions: Guard, Zenith, and Medpro! So, let's unveil these innovations and closely examine the user manual:


Heroes Balancing Update

It's time to nerf Alice (spoilers)! We always strive to keep the battlefield honest, dynamic, and exciting. This update has refined several characters to ensure a balanced gameplay. Here is a brief description:


+20% to recoil


Armor damage 50%70%

Backward movement speed 80%90%

Sideways movement speed 85%90%


Apex Predator talent now gives -3% to max health per second instead of -5% to current health, when an enemy is hit with the sniper mode bow  

Apex Predator talent now slows down enemies when they get hit with the sniper mode bow


HP recovery when hitting an enemy +25+15

Resistance to damage when exiting the portal 30%10%

Magazine size 3525


Street Fighter talent fire rate boost +25%+30%

base damage 5355