Category: Civil drone

Weapon: Sniper rifle X

Modules: Revive Station

If Guard represents the culmination of the transportation industry, Zenith is its medical counterpart. Designed for rapidly deploying hospitals in remote and challenging terrain, Zenith comes equipped with top-notch medical equipment capable of quickly reviving and getting injured soldiers back into action. When the "Revive Station" module is activated, Zenith comes to a halt and begins its deployment. Once set up, the drone prolongs the time it takes for wounded allies to succumb, providing them with assistance one at a time and returning them to combat with at least 11% of their health. However, because Zenith's power blocks are less durable than Guard's, the drone will require recharging in "Revive Station" mode after some time. Furthermore, reviving an ally will be interrupted if the drone is destroyed during the deployment phase.

Additional modules

Safety Protocol: The drone creates a shield that absorbs a certain amount of damage. Upon the hero's resurrection, the drone also instantly restores a portion of the hero's armor and health.

Percussive Wave: The module charges over time. If the module is charged and the drone hits an enemy, a wave is created at the impact site, which applies a slowing effect within a radius for some time.

Critical Impact: Each time the hero hits an enemy, there is a chance that the drone will make the shot critical, dealing xN damage!