Category: Military drone

Weapon: Assault rifle X

Module: Medical Station, Safety Protocol, Suppressing Toxin, Adrenaline Burst

Unlike other drones, Medpro was initially conceived as a military support drone for frontline units. Its primary mission is to maximize the combat effectiveness of allied forces on the battlefield. To achieve this, Medpro employs the "Medical Station" module, which allows it to maintain vitality and restore health to allies within a certain radius. Upon module activation, the drone stops and enters stationary mode, replenishing a minimum of 40 health points for all nearby allies. However, the healing process will be interrupted if the drone is destroyed.

Medpro's modules:

Medical Station: The drone stops and switches to a medical post mode. All allies within its radius regenerate a certain amount of health per second.

Safety Protocol: The drone creates a shield that absorbs a certain amount of damage. Upon the hero's resurrection, the drone also instantly restores a portion of the hero's armor and health.

Suppressing Toxin: The module charges over time. If the module is charged and the drone hits an enemy, a toxin effect is applied to the enemy. The effect reduces health every second but cannot kill the enemy. The effect is removed if the enemy uses a healing ability.

Adrenaline Burst: When the hero revives a teammate, there is a chance that the drone will apply the effects of Adrenaline Surge (increased damage and speed for a while) and Regeneration (health and armor restoration for a while) to the revived hero.