If you plan or already make videos about Bullet Echo, we want YOU in our program for content creators! 

🔹What’s the program?
Creator Hub is a collaboration between the Bullet Echo team and the content makers that aimed at community growth.

🔹How to apply?

Fill out the form, and we’ll review your application as soon as possible (usually within a week or so). Your enthusiasm is still the main condition!

🔹What are the minimum requirements?

We want everyone to have a chance to become our partner, so it’s not necessary to have many subscribers/viewers when you apply – all rewards will be calculated based on the views;
With the launch of the Creator Hub, we focus on the regularity of content. To participate in the program, you must upload at least one relevant video per month.

🔹What do we expect from you as a Partner?

- Regular release of relevant content about the game;
- Following the rules of the program;
- Respect for confidentiality. As you being a part of the program, from time to time we will be sharing with you some details about upcoming features that should remain undisclosed;
- Respect other players and keep it friendly.

To apply for the Creator Hub, follow this link: https://zep.tl/creatorhub

ℹ️ Make sure to read each question carefully. Incorrectly filled form will be declined. ℹ️