Class: Troopers

Faction: Renegades

Weapon: Assault rifle with expansive rounds


Ability: Shadow step

Vi's exceptional physical training allows her to perform a rapid dash in the direction of movement. Vi cannot fire during this dash but becomes completely invulnerable due to her incredible speed. Additionally, Vi can pass through even the narrowest passages and overcome force barriers. If there are enemies in her path during the dash, they will take damage and be blinded for some time if Vi manages to kill at least one enemy due to the dash. After the shadow step, Vi moves faster for several seconds due to inertia.

*          *          *          

Vi was born in a futuristic metropolis where corporations and technology set the rules. From a young age, she stood out with her extraordinary abilities and physical training. Her passion for hacking and the ability to breach any cyber-security system made her a top-class mercenary.

After completing numerous missions, Vi stumbled upon a unique katana hidden among artifacts from the old world. This weapon became part of her creed and a reliable companion in battle.

Joining the Renegades, a faction of outcasts and former corporative agents, Vi found a new family and a purpose: to fight for justice and equality in a world shrouded in corporate oppression. Although Vi meticulously erased her actual past from all databases, her presence in the arenas will tell us more about her history...