Bullet Echo India: Migration Details

During the migration, all account progress will be transferred, including currencies, heroes, gears, medals, and combat statistics.

However, subscriptions, friends, and syndicates will not be transferred.

After the transfer, a subscription may still appear to be active (indicated by a subscription icon in the main menu, colored nickname highlight). This issue solves itself, as the server cannot find the subscription in its database.

Events (contracts, battle passes, festivals, etc.) are transferred only if the versions and timings of the events match between the servers.

EventsItems / InformationWill it be transferred if the event is still active in BEI?

Will it be transferred if the event has ended in BEI?

Boosters YesNo
Matchboxes Yes  No 
Boosters Yes  No 
VIP Tickets Yes  Yes 
Common tickets Yes  No 
Arcade Road Progress Yes  No 
Roulette Progress Yes  No 
Boosters Yes  No 
Cryptochips Yes  No 
Progress (points for rewards) Yes  No 
Battle Pass
Battle Pass Rewards Yes  No 
Information about collected rewards Yes  No 
Information about uncollected rewards (but unlocked) Yes  No 
Star Points Yes  No 
Bravery Road Season
Boosters Yes  No 
Progress Yes  No 
Bravery Resources Yes  Yes