Attention! There are new rules on the battlefield, so it's time to assemble your team! But what if you could assemble not just one but several? Introducing "Custom Mode," the game mode where you set the rules!

Create your unique battles or join those already created – the mode's name speaks for itself:

- A wide range of team customization features tactical 5v5 battles, dynamic 3v3 fights, or even intense 1v1 duels! Now, it's possible in "Custom Mode." 

- Need more players for a full team? Add bots to fill in the empty spots. 

- Take on the role of a leader and adjust the levels of all heroes and their abilities for a balanced or completely wild match! 

- Enable spectator mode: With the observer feature, you can watch the match unfold without directly participating. This is perfect for organizing tournaments or teaching and analyzing gameplay.

How to create a battle in "Custom Mode"?

One of the main elements of the new mode is tickets, which are of two types: common and golden

With common tickets, you can create a room for five battles or one hour. Additionally, each joining player needs to contribute one regular ticket for entry. 

With golden tickets, "Custom Mode" offers 20 battles and 3 hours, allowing all players to enter without an entry fee.