Operatives, update is coming!

Get your sunscreen ready! 

The summer season is about to begin, and we're starting our technical maintenance. The servers will be temporarily unavailable. Please do not reinstall the game during this time to save your progress.

Meanwhile, check the new season trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tAi7WPGoM4

It's getting hot, right? It's time to cool down the enemy's ardor:

Meet Blizzard!

Class: Sniper
Faction: SkyTech Megacorp
Weapon: Sniper Rifle that fires short bursts of three rounds

SkyTech Megacorp's technological research and experiments in cryolaboratories had created another formidable weapon in the corporation's hands. Who served as the prototype for Blizzard's creation was unknown, and colossal efforts were made to ensure the project's secrecy.

In her robotic hands is a highly insidious experimental weapon - Freezing Mines.

After a few seconds after placing it on the battlefield, the mine is activated and becomes almost invisible to enemies. The number of mines installed is limited, if a new mine is installed beyond this limit, the previous ones will be deactivated.

It will detonate if the enemy is within the detonation radius and the hero's steps' noise radius overlaps the mine. But! The explosion can be avoided if there is an obstacle between the mine and the enemy (for example, a wall). However, the mine does not react in any way to the allies' movements.

The detonation of the mine does not just deal damage; it also freezes all heroes in a certain radius, slowing them down and freezing part of their health. Frozen heroes become vulnerable, losing frozen health along with the damage taken when hit.

However, it is still possible to detect an installed mine: if you approach it slowly (that is, quietly), it will appear in your field of vision. The same will happen when scanning or using a thermal vision. 

Personal talent - Icebreaker

Blizzard doesn't just use Freezing Mines just as a weapon. She can also effectively combine them with her primary weapon. This "Icebreaker" protocol allows her to increase the damage of her sniper rifle and increase and restore her armor level over time.

Also, Blizzard can move faster, including with aimed shooting, by hitting a frozen enemy and intercepting tactical initiative.

Team talent - Phase Shield

In addition to attack, Blizzard also has defensive systems. When killing an enemy hero, she covers herself and her allies in a certain radius with a Phase Shield.

The shield blocks damage from the next shot and disappears, not counting the blocked shot as a hit. It only protects against damage caused by shots, while other types of damage pass through without destroying it. The shield has no duration and cannot accumulate: if a hero kills an enemy while it is active, they do not receive a new one. However, allies within the radius who do not have a shield will receive it.


*  *

New season incoming! 

Summer is just around the corner!

It's time to get out your inflatable rafts and swimsuits!

The hottest Beach Season is about to begin - a new seasonal map, themed skins, and lots of valuable rewards await you in the new Star Pass season!


*  *

A little rebalance

We've also made the following changes:

  • Base damage 30 ->35
  • Barrier HP on activating the Rampage Ability  3000 ->2800
  • Stun time on collision with the Rampage ability 2 ->1.6
Drone Guard
  • Time before Drone explosion on using the Core Meltdown ability 5 sec. -> 4 sec.