Bullet Echo India: Progress Transfer From BE to BEI

In this article, you can find an explanation of how the migration will work for you!


To learn more about the resources that may be affected during the migration, check out this article:



1. Indian player using a device set to India (Indian IP, Indian store region):

  • The player is still using Bullet Echo version 6.2.2, even though a new version, 6.2.3, has been released.
  • Upon entering Bullet Echo, the player is prompted to transfer their account to the Indian version, Bullet Echo India.
  • The player initiates the transfer, leading the device to open the Bullet Echo India page in the store for installation.
  • After installation, the player may need to initiate the transfer process again if required.
  • Once the transfer is complete, the player’s account in the international version of Bullet Echo is banned, and the account in Bullet Echo India is activated.


2. The store region is set to India, but the player is not physically located in India (non-Indian IP, Indian store region):

  • The player is using Bullet Echo version 6.2.3, and version 6.2.5 has been released.
  • Upon entering Bullet Echo, there is no prompt to transfer to Bullet Echo India because the player is not in India.
  • The player is stuck because there won’t be a 6.2.3 update for India; a separate game exists for that region.
  • The player needs to contact Krafton's support to request a transfer to Bullet Echo India.


If you haven’t found your specific case and are still wondering what will happen, feel free to contact Krafton Bullet Echo India Support by email at bulletecho_india_support@krafton.com.